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A college student, her resume focuses first on her nursing school experience in the college's Registered Nurse Program. Her resume format has a section for her Clinicals, including Nursing Home long-term care exposure, and a skills and Certifications section. She also cites experience as a certified Nursing Assistant - cna. Licensed Vocational Nurse lvn sample resume resume sample for a lvn, licensed Vocational Nurse, with eight years of professional experience. This example resume template highlights experience handling non-registered nursing work under the directions of. Candidate is currently lvn licensed from the State of New York. The resume format includes a objective statement and an extensive bulleted Summary of qualifications.

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thoracic Surgery sample resume. Resume sample for a professional Registered Nurse with a job objective of an icu or er emergency room position. This example resume format features Professional Objective and Summary of qualifications sections at the top, allowing this emergency department candidate to highlight experience in tracheotomy care, iv therapy and in-home care teaching skills. Blending with a chronological format, the resume shows Nursing bs coursework and career progression from lpn and Charge nurse in a medical / Surgical unit to the current position. Staff Nurse sample cv example, a cv sample for a staff Nurse (rgn now seeking a position in Clinical Research. Her Curriculum Vitae example illustrates her Areas of Expertise, including theater care nursing, cardiac and Respiratory. A professional development section lists her odp, rn, bba and ils. Her cv format Professional Experience section focuses migration on essay her Staff Nursing background including caring for intensively ill patients with life-threatening situations. Student Nurse / cna example resume. Free sample resume of a cna, certified Nursing Assistant, now a registered Nursing Student in a rn program, in line to graduate soon, and seeking an entry-level nurse position.

Using a chrono-functional resume combining two formats gives some flexibility over the standard chronological listing of experience. Registered Nurse Intensive care Unit (ICU) Sample resume. A resume example for a senior-level rn serving universities as a staff Nurse in the icu and formerly as an er emergency Staff Nurse in a medical Center emergency room. Her resume format has a strong qualifications Profile at the top and a certifications and Proficiencies section. The latter details proficiencies in Medical-Surgical, ccu, er and av fistulas, as well as certifications in Ventilator Care, intravenous Therapy and Phlebotomy. A chronological professional experience shows career progression since her days as a grad with a bsn degree. Rn case manager Example resume, free resume sample for a registered Nurse with a strong background in supervision, now the supervisor for six Home aides (HHAs) administering total care for 30 patients in their homes. This resume example also lists his experience as a float rn, a general Post Surgical rn, and a gyn oncology. The resume layout is chronological and nicely formatted.

nurse resume database

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Excellent 3-in-1 sample resume of an experienced Operating room Nurse / neonatal drinking icu nurse looking to change careers. Her new career objective: Clinical Research Nurse - clinical nursing research involving diabetes patients. As an or nurse, her resume details her work in caring for patients undergoing surgery, sanitary maintenance of or supplies and assisting in operating room procedures. Earlier she was a neonatal icu rn handling critically ill infant care, with additional responsibility as a part-time charge nurse. This resume format is attractive and professional - an excellent example for a career change nurse, as well as operating room or neonatal icu rns. Psychogeriatric Nurse Clinician Resume Example, free example resume for an experienced psychogeriatric nurse, currently employed in a psychiatric and Psychological counseling Center providing mental health services to 40 geriatric residents. Previously the candidate worked as an rn / evening Charge nurse in a medical Center.

S., to a day nursing Supervisor in a 200 bed geriatric facility and two nursing Director management positions. The resume formatting shows a strong Areas of Expertise top section highlighting skill strengths. Psychiatric and Mental health Nurse resume sample. Sample resume for a candidate seeking a daytime nursing assignment as a staff or Charge nurse in a hospital. This individual now is a nurse manager in a mental health Clinic, and also has worked as a case manager, Psychiatric Aide and Charge nurse on an on-call basis. The resume format highlights certifications, awards and a high gpa to compensate for the Associates Degree. Nurse career Change resume / or nurse / neonatal icu nurse resume.

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nurse resume database

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She also holds msn and rn distinctions. Her resume format is of the chrono-functional variety - a nice blend of the two styles - with business distinctive qualifications, Credentials, certifications and Education sections at the top of the resume. In the Professional Experience section, chronologically cited are further experience as a flight Nurse and er nurse, with an initial Emergency department stint as an ed staff Nurse. A resume combining attractive design interesting with a solid presentation puts it ahead of most resumes. Certified Legal Nurse consultant clnc resume Example.

Free example resume for a certified Legal Nurse consultant, a self-employed individual with 23 years in the health-care industry. This legal nurse consultant provides consultation to attorneys through case review and analysis. Sample legal nurse consulting cases have involved medical malpractice, disability, personal injury, etc. Previously this clnc worked as a nurse manager and Charge nurse in both inpatient and outpatient clinical settings. Downloadable resume template version also available. Nursing Director Sample resume, resume sample for a nursing manager serving as Director of Nursing Services in a clinical setting. This example resume illustrates a career progression from a registered Nurse / Nursing.

Courtesy of m (pdf format). Charge nurse cardiac Unit Resume Example. Free resume example for an experienced rn serving as the Charge nurse in a cticu and cpcu (Cardio-thorac Intensive and Progressive care Units). This registered nurse supervised staff in a 10 bed icu and 15 bed pcu. The resume is in a chronological format, nicely showing progression from a bs nursing degree, a clinical instructor supervising nursing students in a medical-surgical-clinical setting, Staff Nurse in a heart Transplant Unit and current responsibilities as Charge nurse. Nurse aide Example resume, free resume sample for an individual, several years out of college, seeking to continue a health-care career.

The candidate has been a nursing Aide in a couple hospitals, and a teaching Assistant during college. The resume format highlights volunteer work as a health Worker in High Schools and an Elderly Advocate, in addition to the nurses Aide jobs. The resume would be strengthened by a stronger and more specific objective. Nurse home health Aide supervisor Sample resume. An example resume for a nursing administrator currently supervising 40 hha workers who care for pediatric patients with hiv. A traditional chronological resume format shows a varied background from a pediatric Staff Nurse for a 20 bed icu, a job in a children's Hospital cardiovascular / surgical intensive care unit, and time as a visiting Nurse and a reimbursement specialist for Medicare payers. Nurse Practitioner Resume sample, free sample resume for a certified Family nurse Practitioner, cfnp, and Certified neonatal Nurse Practitioner, cnnp.

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The formatting of the candidate's resume is chronological, detailing career progression to her current assignment as Night Charge nurse. Entry-level Nursing Assistant Sample resume, a buy resume sample for travel an individual seeking to enter the healthcare field as a nursing assistant. Her eventual goals are na certification and ultimately the rn degree. She presents her skills as a primary care Provider for a terminally ill relative with cancer. Her waitress experience is shown for the customer service skills, performance awards and hard-working record. Her resume format includes a distinctive skills section at the end. Nice resume for those attempting to get a starter job in the nursing profession.

nurse resume database

Licensed Practical Nurse lpn resume sample. Free example resume of a paper licensed Practical Nurse, lpn, working in a senior center. She is responsible for the care of 40 geriatric patients, serving as a shift leader supervising four cnas. The sample resume highlights her leadership skills with the certified Nursing Assistants; she is now a registered Nursing Student in a rn program. This resume format has an interesting summary section that catches the eye. Icu and pacu nurse resume sample. A resume example for an experienced staff nurse. The nurse is trauma certified with Intensive care Unit (ICU) and Post Anesthesia care Unit (pacu) background.

as a nursing educator teacher. Her resume details a professional nursing career from a staff nurse, icu to a family nurse practitioner and her current nursing teacher / clinical instructor role. Home Infusion Nurse / aids clinical coordinator Example resume. Free resume example of a nurse providing in-home health care for aids patients receiving home infusion therapies. The candidate also served as a senior Staff Nurse in the Oncology division and as a public health Nurse in a pediatric satellite clinic for the health Department. This resume format doesn't neglect to mention professional affiliations in the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the Intravenous Nurses Society. The registered Nurse state license number is also mentioned.

Charge nurse supervision experience in hospital xmas units includes er, dialysis and Postoperative general Surgical. Chronological resume format, showing nursing career progression from a staff nurse in ldrp and icu to a charge nurse with increasing head nurse responsibilities. Entry-level Nurse resume sample, free sample resume for an entry level nurse. This recent college grad nurse has graduated with a bachelor of Science in Nursing bsn degree and has a job objective to practice nursing in a hospital surgical department. She is certified by her state board of Nursing and is eligible to take the nclex registered Nurse licensure exam. This student nurse example resume details a preceptorship monitoring patients following surgical procedures and work in an elementary school performing nursing assessments. The resume format has an honors/activities section showing membership in three student nurse associations. As a bonus there are numerous tips included with the resume for an entry-level nurse resume.

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Web, ez rezume, free resume samples for nursing jobs. . Example resumes found here: rn, charge nurse, cna, lpn licensed Practical Nurse, lvn licensed Vocational Nurse, entry-level Nurse, nursing Assistant, home Infusion Nurse, icu / buy pacu nurse, nurse aide, clinic Nurse, nurse home health Aide, nurse Practitioner, career Change nurse, or nurse, neonatal Nurse, nursing. See also: Nursing cover Letters, health-Care resume templates. Clinic Nurse rn resume Example, this resume example shows a clinic Nurse supervisor for a naval hospital family practice clinic. This rn's sample resume job history shows care for pediatric, adult, obstetrical and geriatric patients in a clinic setting. She handles nursing care assignments for hospital corps staff, guiding them in providing optimal nursing care. The resume format is chronological, with an earlier job as a rn staff Nurse in a hospital setting. Charge nurse / head Nurse sample resume. Free resume sample for a charge nurse / head Nurse, a registered nurse with over 12 years nursing experience in hospital settings.

Nurse resume database
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