An essay about health

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an essay about health

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Teacher: Thank you for your work. You were very active and clever at the lesson. Write down your homework: At home you will write a small composition about health your marks for the lesson are. Teacher: Our lesson is over. I wish you good health and happiness. And dont forget that good health is Above wealth!

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Pain (a) fun (y) laugh (i). A thing you take to recover. Sweets (m) a medicine (l) books (r). The right food keeps you. Well (t) ill (k) funny (p). Never to be healthy. Laugh (x) eat (l) smoke health teacher: Very good! Youve answered all these questions well. Now lets come to the blackboard with your letters and try to make a key-word. Put your letters on the blackboard.).

Ture, medy, mist, s, hy tor, in, pera, cine, ger, mix fin, som, press, heal, tient re, sure, doc, den, che, tist weal, pa,nia, tem teacher: And now lets answer Crazy questions. Choose the right variant. Then make a key word (health). How do we call a pain in the head? Backache (n) toothache (g) headache (h). A part of a body that helps us to see the word. Lip (a) eye (e) tooth (o). A feeling of being kites hurt.

an essay about health

Health and Safety responsibilities Essay

They are connected with the topic of our lesson. Match the proverb with its translation. Good health is above wealth. A sound mind in a sound body. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Wealth is nothing without health. B) guess the crossword about health. C) teacher: The next task you should form words, using the parts of words.

are you ready? Who wants to be a doctor? Who wants to be patient? A) match the proverb with its translation. Teacher: I see that you are tired. Lets have a rest. You can see some English proverbs.

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an essay about health

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After-reading tasks a) and match the word with its definition. Teacher: Now lets do the following task. I show you the pictures about health, you must give me your opinion. 1) A place where we get medical help. (hospital) 2) A state of being well.

(health) 3) Small round person things you take to recover. (pill) 4) A person who gives us medical help. (ambulance) 6) A part of a body that helps us to see the world. (An eye) 7) A person who needs a medical help. A doctor and a patient Now pupils, i give you 2 minutes to think a dialogue.

He had a headache and a sore throat. His mother phoned the doctor. The doctor arrived at 11 oclock. She asked to strip to the waist, examined his throat, felt his pulse, tested his blood pressure. She also took his temperature.

She said that was flu. The doctor wrote a prescription for some pills and mixture. Tom followed the doctors advice and soon he recovered. High temperature feel giddy headache sore throat waist to feel ones pulse Flu to write aprescription to test ones blood pressure to take ones temperature. New words teacher : Now, who wants to translate. Do you understand the text?

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Teacher: look at the board. What about this slide? Teacher: That, s right. Let, s speak about our habits. What good and bad habits working do you know? Teacher: Now, children, your task is universities to listen to the text and translate. On the board you see new words Last week tom was taken ill. He was running a high temperature. He felt sick and giddy.

an essay about health

C) match the word with its definition. To make a dialogue. A) match the proverb with its translation. Giving the home task: to write an essay about health. How are you today? Lets start our lesson. Today well have an unusual lesson. Well speak on the theme health. We mother are going to discuss our lifestyle and the ways of taking care about our health.

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An essay about health
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  2. View this student essay about, health. Giving the home task: to write an essay about health. The procedure of the lesson.

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  4. An essay about yourself keyboard thesis research paper xpress. Womens brain, health, series: meet Myriam Marquez: Lawyer, fierce Advocate living with. An, essay, about, health.

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