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Hence, kate has a false belief about her own attitude. This case also undercuts the claim of omniscience, assuming that Kate is unaware of her genuine (non-resentful) attitude towards her mother. In the case described, kates belief about her attitude is based on the testimony of another person. Relying on testimony is, of course, a way of gaining knowledge about all sorts of things, including knowledge of others mental states. As mentioned above, some philosophers believe that one has a special way of knowing about ones own states, a way that others cannot use to apprehend ones own states. If we restrict the relevant domain to beliefs formed by use of a method that is exclusively a method of attaining self -knowledge—perhaps introspection —we can formulate a more plausible infallibility thesis. We can generate an even more plausible thesis by limiting this restricted infallibility claim to pains and other sensations. Descartes endorsed a limited infallibility thesis of this sort.

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Statement (4) rejects purely first-personal characterizations, focusing instead on the way utterances like im in pain are treated by others. Statements (1) and (2) are ways of cashing out the notion that we enjoy privileged access to our own mental states. Only these first two statements construe the distinctive feature of self-knowledge as plainly epistemic; however, most who endorse (3) also claim that this agential relation grounds a special epistemic relation. A minority of philosophers denies that self-knowledge is special at all. 1.1 Epistemic security, the strongest epistemic claims on behalf of self-knowledge are infallibility and omniscience. One is infallible about ones own mental states if and only if (hereafter, before iff ) one cannot have a false belief to the effect that one is in a certain mental state. One is omniscient about ones own states iff being in a mental state suffices for knowing that one is in that state. (This omniscience thesis is sometimes expressed by saying that mental states are self-intimating or self-presenting.) Contemporary philosophers generally deny that we are infallible or omniscient about our mental states. Here is a simple counter-example to the claim of infallibility. Kate trusts her shopping therapists insights into her own psychology, and so she believes him when he tells her that she resents her mother. But the therapist is mistaken—Kate does not resent her mother.

What is special about self-knowledge, compared to knowledge in metamorphosis other domains? Self-knowledge is thought to differ from other sorts of knowledge in one or more of the following ways. Self-knowledge is especially secure, epistemically. Self-knowledge is (sometimes) acquired by use of an exclusively first-personal method. Self-knowledge is special because of the distinctive agential relation one bears to ones own mental states. Ones pronouncements about ones own mental states carry a special authority or presumption of truth. The differences between these are subtle. Statement (1) identifies the distinctive feature of self-knowledge as the epistemic status of a certain class of beliefs, whereas statement (2) identifies it by the method one uses in forming these beliefs. Statement (3) emphasizes the subjects cognitive agency.

thesis mit edu

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She has published extensively in the fields of polymer chemistry, radical chemistry and computational quantum chemistry, and is a member of the. Arc centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science. She has received many awards including table the 2001 iupac prize for young scientists, the raci cornforth medal (2000 rennie medal (2006) david Sangster Polymer Science and Technology Achievement Award (2010) and hg smith medal (2016 the le fevre memorial Prize of the australian Academy. In 2014, she was elected to the fellowship of the australian Academy of Science, and in 2017 she was awarded a georgina Sweet arc laureate fellowship. She is also currently an Associate Editor of the journal of the American Chemical Society. Contact Information, email: Phone:, groups: Computer Aided Chemical Design. Address: Research School of Chemistry, building 137. Australian summary National University, canberra act 2601, australia.

Persson, mesh Generation for Implicit geometries. Thesis, department of Mathematics, mit, dec 2004 ( pdf ) Function reference gallery Examples Example: (Uniform Mesh on Unit Circle) fd p) sqrt(sum(p.2,2)-1; example: (Rectangle with circular hole, refined at circle boundary) fd p) fh p).050.3*dcircle(p,0,0,0.5 example: (Polygon) pv-0.4 -0.5;0.4 -0.2;0.4 -0.7;1.5 -0.4;0.9.1;. 0.0250.3*abs(dpoly(p,0.3,0.7;.7,0.5.15 example: (naca0012 airfoil) hlead0.01; htrail0.04; hmax2; circx2; circr4; fd p) fh p) fixcircx-1,1,0,0*circr; 0,0,circr*-1,1 0,0; 1,0; fixx, fixy; fixx,-fixy; boxcircx-circr,-circr; circxcircr, circr; h0min(hlead,htrail, hmax example: (Uniform Mesh on Unit Sphere) fd p) dsphere(p,0,0,0,1 example: (Graded Mesh on Unit Sphere) fd p) dsphere(p,0,0,0,1. Bsc Phd new south Wales, professor Michelle coote is a graduate of the University of New south Wales, where she completed. (Hons) in industrial chemistry (1995 followed by. In polymer chemistry (2000). Following postdoctoral work at the University of Durham, uk, she joined the research School of Chemistry, australian National University in 2001, initially as a postdoctoral fellow with Professor leo radom. She established her own research group in 2004 and was promoted to Professor in 2011.

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thesis mit edu

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The code is not entirely robust (that is, it might not terminate and return a well-shaped mesh and it is relatively slow. However, our current research shows that these issues can be resolved in an optimized C code, and we believe our simple matlab code is important for demonstration of the underlying principles. To use the code, simply download it from below and run it from matlab. For a quick demonstration, type "meshdemo2d" or "meshdemond". For more details see the documentation. Download, download the archive below and unpack.

Add this directory to your matlab path, or make it the current directory. The code contains some c files, and binaries for 32/64-bit Windows, 64-bit Mac os x, and 64-bit linux are provided, as well as the source code. Zip, current version.1 - complete package (zip badminton archive), original version.0 - complete package (zip archive). DistMesh is distributed under the, essay gnu gpl ; see the, license and Copyright notice for more information. Strang, a simple mesh Generator in matlab. Siam review, volume 46 (2. 329-345, june 2004 (.

It was developed. Per-Olof Persson (now at, uc berkeley ) and, gilbert Strang in the, department of Mathematics. A detailed description of the program is provided in our siam review paper, see documentation below. One reason that the code is short and simple is that the geometries are specified. These give the shortest distance from any point in space to the boundary of the domain. The sign is negative inside the region and positive outside.

A simple example is the unit circle in 2-d, which has the distance function dr-1, where r is the distance from the origin. For more complicated geometries the distance function can be computed by interpolation between values on a grid, a common representation for level set methods. For the actual mesh generation, distMesh uses the delaunay triangulation routine in matlab and tries to optimize the node locations by a force-based smoothing procedure. The topology is regularly updated by delaunay. The boundary points are only allowed to move tangentially to the boundary by projections using the distance function. This iterative procedure typically results in very well-shaped meshes. Our aim with this code is simplicity, so that everyone can understand the code and modify it according to their needs.

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Support for general implicit functions in distmesh2d and distmeshsurface. That an ellipse can be represented by the simple expression phi(x,y x/a)2(y/b)2-1, even if this is not a signed student distance function. Robustness improvements in distmesh2d, including removal of duplicated fix points, density control, and a final mesh cleanup. Recompiled C-functions for 32/64-bit Windows, 64-bit Mac os x, and 64-bit linux. More examples and more consistent size functions in the examples, including a naca0012 airfoil mesh. Type "help distmesh2d run the demo "meshdemo2d or just look at the examples further down on this page. Description, distMesh is a simple matlab code for generation of unstructured triangular and tetrahedral meshes.

thesis mit edu

More content and links. Jump to navigation, health providers in Cote d'ivoire attend training on a single visit approach to cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment. Counselors check on a mother and son as part of a follow-up visit in a community. Trainer demonstrates a technique during Objective structured Clinical evaluation training in mozambique. Health workers attend training on Provider-Initiated Testing and counseling in mozambique. Porters carry vmmc kits summary (Voluntary medical Male circumcision) from the lake shore to the health facility in rural Njombe along lake nyasa in Malawi. News (Mar 11, 2012 i have not been maintaining/updating the distmesh code since i wrote it, but by popular request I have now posted a new version. The main differences and new features are: New 3-D surface mesh generator distmeshsurface. M, type "help distmeshsurface" to see some examples.

2016.887) Fall 2017:.009: Fundamentals of Programming (also fall 2016 and Fall 2015.S04) Spring 2015:.042: Mathematics for Computer Science (also Spring 2012) Fall 2014:.170. Presents the techniques needed to scale to large formal developments in program verification and other domains, including scripted proof automation and expressive types for embedded programs. Frap formal reasoning About Programs Introducing Coq simultaneously with semantics and program proof methods. Emphasizes commonalities through casting (almost) everything in terms of invariants on transition systems, with abstraction and modularity as our standard tools for simplifying invariant proofs. Presents ideas in parallel as chapters of a pdf with standard math notation and in Coq source files, mixing in bits of proof-automation wizardry at the author's whim. I've used this book so far in two iterations of a graduate class and plan to fine-tune it through at least one more offering before declaring it beta-quality; but, for intrepid instructors of related classes, it could be worth experimenting with already! Advisory-board Memberships darpa information Science and Technology (isat) study group KryptCo since 2016 : smarter management for cryptographic keys sifive since 2018 : rapid development of custom hardware solutions, based on risc-v how to Pronounce my last Name Pretend the first "l" isn't there chipala.

One recurring theme is metamorphosis using mechanized proofs to move isolation enforcement to compile time. Most of my projects are relevant to security and/or privacy, and I'm also interested in the traditional dimensions of correctness, programmer productivity, and performance. Current Research, bedrock, a new foundation for an ecosystem of software development tools running entirely inside of Coq, supporting multilanguage programming of systems with assembly-level correctness proofs. Fiat, a coq framework for refining specifications into efficient programs. Fscq, a file system verified in Coq using a separation logic for reasoning about crash safety. Kami, a platform for verified hardware programming in Coq. Ur/Web, a domain-specific functional programming language for modern Web applications, inspired by dependent type systems. Supports strong encapsulation of key web application resources, statically typed metaprogramming, and static analysis for conformance to declarative security policies.

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Adam Chlipala, contact Information, publications, bibtex, cV: html, pdf, update on current status: I'm on sabbatical through the end of 2018, splitting my time between normal mit activities and developing a startup company based. Watch this space for a link to the company web site when one exists! My academic pedigree is in the programming-languages research community, involving such keywords as language design, compilers, program verification, and program derivation. I was lucky enough to start using the coq proof assistant shortly before mechanized mathematical proofs started to "go mainstream" within the programming-languages community (and, since then, in a few others). Most of my work still involves classic programming-languages aspects, but i've come to view mechanized proofs as another deserving addition to the list that today includes testing, debugging, code review, and version control. That is, they will become a standard tool for everyone developing difficult software or hardware systems. I think of my research agenda as happening to develop foundational proof-assistant tools because most of the rest of the world hasn't realized yet how important they are. However, today i think of my research interests as covering computer systems broadly construed, including all infrastructure at layers that work with discrete rather than continuous values. A tongue-in-cheek way to put it is (a digital subset of) "the layers that are hard to describe to non-cs friends at parties." In addition to drawing on areas i already mentioned like language design and compilers, my current work touches the traditional areas.

Thesis mit edu
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G del' s incompleteness theorems are among the most important results in modern logic. These discoveries revolutionized the understanding of mathematics and logic, and had dramatic implications for the philosophy of mathematics. Fit is an internationally recognized college for design, fashion, art, communications, and business.

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  1. In polymer chemistry (2000). Who(the same pronunciation as my last name - hu )?: hi, how are you? I am a guy who has passed probably (more than?) half of his life so far.

  2. A unifying framework for thinking about processes —or sequences of tasks and activities — that provides an integrated, dynamic picture of organizations and managerial behavior. Bsc Phd new south Wales. Michelle coote is a graduate of the University of New south Wales, where she completed. (Hons) in industrial chemistry (1995 followed by.

  3. DistMesh - a simple mesh Generator in matlab. News (Mar 11, 2012) I have not been maintaining/updating the distmesh code since i wrote it, but by popular request I have now posted a new version. Update on current status: I'm on sabbatical through the end of 2018, splitting my time between normal. Mit activities and developing a startup company based.

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