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desert animals essay

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It starts with a regular cactus, able to store water and ends up with Joshua tree that is nowhere else to be found on the planet. The brightest examples of the mohave desert vegetation are the next: Brittle bush (Incienso common Salt-bush (Alkali saltbush Creosote bush, mojave aster, Triangle-leaf Bursage and of course joshua tree. To completely understand the diversity it is important to mention a couple of facts about some plant. Brittlebush is 2-5 feet shrub that is very protective against the heat and cold. It gets any moisture that is located in the air, and reduces the quantity of water lost to dry air. It is a miniature form of a sunflower. Some animals eat its seeds.

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It is a place of contrasts between the sand dunes and water. The wrc (Water resource center) is the research group that controls the water distribution throughout the mohave desert. It improves the hydrologic systems and does not damage the arid areas. There is a number of wells through Mohave, that in spite of bringing positive aspects into the life of the desert make a lot of damage to it, too, exposing the soil to erosions, etc. The other resources are natural the water resulting from the rains and storms. Altogether they give a general level.5 inches of rainfall per year. The general precipitation usually ranges from 2 to 4 inches per year. Plants due to the water resources peculiarities the vegetation of the mohave region is very diverse. Nevertheless most of it is a shrub. Most of them are xerophytes.

This makes a cause for the living forms seek sources of water in the desert. water resources Despite its aridity, the mojave has long been a center of alfalfa production, fed by irrigation coming from groundwater and nowadays from the california aqueduct.5 The start of ground waters in the mohave desert are to be found in the Great Basin, which. The hydrographic Great Basin includes most of the mojave desert and exceeds 500,000 square kilometers Morrison, 1991. There are channels that are in their kites majority bedrock-controlled that provide some water for the desert. The majority of the water channels terminate in the basin. All the ground waters eventually fall into the colorado river. The ground waters feed the plants and through them the animals of the desert. Lake mohave and lake meal are well known in the association with this desert. Lake meal is the center of water resources of the desert and an absolutely beautiful place.

desert animals essay

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They are the most valuable for the desert and balance the erosional and depositional capacities of the desert Bender 1982. Another common thing in this desert in summer is the high velocity winds that sweep the basalt mountains, plains, sand dunes, marshals and sinks of the desert. Tropical storms or Chubacos may have a small affect on the weather when they arouse to the south of the desert. El Nino also causes the raise of the level of rainfalls in the desert. The approximate rainfall of the mohave desert for the last 20 years has been.5 inches. It still remains very interesting concerning the matter of the change of climate during different seasons. Hydrology and biology of the ing a desert Mohave still has a lot to do with hydrology. The desert suffers a lot of evaporation. The level of evaporation exceeds the level of precipitations.


As the wind approaches the mountains it has no other way out then to rise to the top of the mountains and therefore to cool and get a lot of moisture, but when it passes through mountain range it loses almost all of its moisture. The air gets warm and through this the formation of clouds is prevented. This is one of the main peculiarities of Mohave clears skies. Some of the summer rains are called "Monsoon" rains and the winter rains are pacific Northwest style ones. Storms, the most frequent storms in the desert start in winter. They follow the jet stream of the pacific Ocean and that is how they get to the region of the desert. Nevertheless, it is very important to mention that summer storms in the mohave desert are very intense and way more intense than winter storms. As the situation with the precipitation in summer is hard these summer storms dump large amounts of precipitation in short periods of time.

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desert animals essay

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But generally speaking, the tempature ranges from 15?F in winter to 110?F in summer, business the maximum known is 134? F level in death e hot summer temperatures start in may and end in e temparature is usually higher than 100? The big difference between the temperatures is explained by the great amount of rains in Mohave in winter. Climate and weather patterns in Mohaveas the climate conditions in the mohave desert are very special and it may be even said dual, therefore there is not one, but several weather patters in the region. Climate e climate of Mohave belongs to the Dry tropical climate.

It is characterized by the equatorial subtropical high-pressure belt and trade winds. This usually produces the non-raining, dry climate. The desert is usually called memoir high desert. It is known for it day-night temperature fluctuations Bull, 1991. The deserts humidity is usually below 40, except winter nighttime and the summer rains caused by storms when it exceeds. factors affecting the climateThe mohave desert is included to the group of the shadow effect deserts. The reason for that it is really situated in the shadow of the sierra nevada.

The only time the desert gets the balance is its rainy winter. Albedo, insolation is closely related to albedo. The albedo is considered to be a definite measure of the reflectivity of a body, in this case it is the territory of the desert.4 The amount of the electromagnetic radiation reflected in the desert is high. The albedo percentage of the mohave desert is considered to be 25; due to this the soil needs to protected from subsequent soil heating. The large amount of albedo in the mohave desert is in an intercoupling with the climate of the tropical climate of this desert.

The shrubs that grow in the desert are also the part of the protection of the soil against the solar radiation. The more insolation occurs the more the albedo decreases producing soil heating. overall temperature, the temperature in the mohave desert has a very extreme characteristic. It is not in summer and cold in winter. In wintertime in some parts of Mohave it is even possible to find snow. During wintertime the temperature gets very close to 0?F.

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The closest larger water body is the colorado river, which is situated on the east of the desert. Its elevation ranges from 282 feet—lowest in the north America death Valley to women over 11,000 warming feet. The mojave desert is connected to the tehachapi along with the san Gabriel and San Bernadino mountain ranges. The borders of the mountains and the desert are quiete visible, is especially stressed by the san Andreas and the garlock faults5. Atmospheric e main atmospheric characteristic of the mohave desert is the extreme variation in daily temperatures; lower atmosphere layers provide hot dry windy air throughout the whole year and the rise of the humidity level throughout the winter season. Analyzing the atmospheric characteristics it is very important to point out the role of the sun and the radiation that the territory of the mohave desert gets from. Insolation, the incoming solar radiation reaching the territory of the desert is high due to the peculiarities of the location of the desert. The atmosphere charges with this radiation and gets ready to reflect it on the surface of the desert. The surface of Mohave gets direct insolation, due to the absence of clouds and other atmosphere components, especially in summer.

desert animals essay

This desert is a very significant place for scientific research due to the presence of plants that can be found nowhere else on the planet and due to the peculiarity of the climate of Mohave. The beauty of Mohave is known all over the world. Owing to this intersection of two different ecosystems, makes a new one. The mohave optimal desert forms a unique desert ecosystem and is also the smallest out of the four mentioned North America deserts. Basic map e mohave desert is a territory situated in the southwest of the north America continent. It is in the southeastern California at 35 to 36 latitude north and 115 to 117 longitude east. It includes the territory not only of California, but also parts of nevada, arizona and Utah. Sierra nevada mountains that play a great role in the mohaves climate formation are situated to the west of the desert.

Mohave completely fits this definition. But what is Mohave? If you ever hear about the territory in North America that occupies more than 25,000 square miles, fits the definition of a desert, includes the territory of four states and lies between Sonoran Desert and Great Basin, be sure to know that it is the. The mohave desert is situated on the territory of the United States of America and is a well-known place, though sometimes considered not to be a desert on its own right. It is also known as one of the four North America main deserts. They are: Great Basin, mohave, chihuahuan and Sonoran deserts.

As it has been already said Mohave is a place of note merging of the cool Great Basin and the hot climate of the sonoran Desert. The Physical geography of the mohave desert Essay. Basic map information. Climate and weather patterns in Mohave. Factors affecting the climate. Hydrology and biology of the desert. Ecosystems and the soils of the desert. Ecosystems and the food chains. The human factor.

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Example of a research Paper essay on, environment about: desert / Mohave / North America / ecosystem. Essay topic: The main characteristics and management physical geography of the mohave desert. Essay questions: Where is the mohave desert located? How do two different ecosystems exist in one desert? How has the human factor influenced the mohave ecosystem? Thesis Statement: The beauty of Mohave is known all over the world. As all of the four deserts share ground water resources, and Mojave is not an exception, the flora and the fauna takes the breath away.

Desert animals essay
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  2. This arid hotspot surprisingly supports a diverse number of plants and animals, some of which are found nowhere else in the world.

  3. Those who don t return become a part of the clouds, a part of the animals that hide in the ravines and of the water that comes from the earth. Read Grant Allen s essay : Desert, sands. Learn about desert biomes and discover fascinating details about how plants and animals learn to adapt to the harsh desert environment. Namib, desert, southwestern Africa.

  4. Kazakhstan s desert life includes snakes, lizards and other reptiles; jerboas, gophers and other rodents; and larger animals such as gazelles. Some desert habitats are short-lived—springing up to brighten the landscape only when the rains come. Animals have adapted to get water from the food they eat and.

  5. The ground waters feed the plants and through them the animals of the desert.query good titles video game essays Link - good titles video game essays M healthy globalization free essay grade research paper homework clip art site how to write an essay. Like all deserts, the gobi desert is a cold biome desert that consists of a vast array of animals and plants that have adapted to the harsh conditions. Like other desert animals, the camel loses little water in its wastes ( urine and faeces ).

  6. A complete list of, desert, animals, that ll Surely fascinate you. I marked as one of the best essay - unknown. X september 15, 2009. The Physical geography of the mohave.

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