Dos and donts of a resume

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dos and donts of a resume

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Scented paper, colored paper, papers with designs avoid them at all costs. You may think slight color differences or scents can grab the attention of a recruiter, and it most likely will. But like all the other resume don'ts, its not the right kind of attention. Scented paper can cause allergic reactions, colored paper and papers with designs will make your resume look unprofessional. Don't write long career summaries or objectives at the top of your resume. All the space on your resume is valuable, don't waste the space writing long paragraphs summarizing your career and objectives; that's what a cover letter is for. If you must have a summary or objective across the top, keep it short, 2 or 3 bullet points at most.

The definitive list of resume dos and don

If one of your essay job responsibilities was to onboard new trainees, don't just write "Trained new trainees to the work environment." go further, expand on the responsibility and write the results, "Trained a team of 24 trainees on Microsoft Project in a time span. Don't lie on your resume. Seems simple enough, but many people think that they can lie on their resume. You may get to the interview stage with a resume full of lies, but there are checks in place before hiring to verify your information. If you manage to sneak by and get hired, your lack of knowledge in areas your resume stated may cause suspicion and further investigation. The last thing you want is to be black-balled in the industry you want to work. Don't leave out your dates of employment. Not entering your dates of employment can raise red flags for a recruiter. They may think that you are trying to hide something from them. Remember, 30 seconds is all the resume has, any questionable items can easily have your resume tossed. Don't use special types of paper.

Trying to be unique is fine, but avoid using weird fonts, just because you essay feel it'll make you stand out. I've seen resumes that use the Starcraft font, and immediately tossed them away. Weird, unique fonts will grab the attention of a reader, but not in a good way. Don't put pictures or clip art in your resume. Adding pictures and clip art is a one way ticket to the trash bin for your resume. Adding pictures and clip art cheapens your resume and, like the weird and wacky fonts, will grab the wrong type of attention. Don't write long winded sentences about your job responsibilities, instead focus on the results from your jobs. Don't get me wrong, job responsibilities do make your resume look good at times, but everyone has job responsibilities. You have to make your resume stand out.

dos and donts of a resume

Don t break these rules

Don't write long paragraphs about your previous company. A brief description about the company you worked for is fine, if its an obscure company, but in general, it's better to management use the space on your resume to write about yourself, not the company you worked for. Don't write long, dense essays on your job duties. Its better to keep quick, concise, bulleted listings of what you've achieved. Avoid putting long, descriptive job efforts as it's hard on the eyes. Remember, your resume has about 30 seconds, a big block of text is an easy way for your resume to be tossed aside. Don't use unique and wacky fonts.

You've got to separate yourself from the others, on a piece of paper, in 30 seconds. How can you distinguish yourself from others and not be tossed aside? What are the resume dos and don'ts to get you in for the interview? There are certain don'ts that will get your resume tossed in the trash can and certain dos that will get your foot through the door for an interview. Let's get this show on the road and start off with the top ten don'ts to keep your resume out of the recycle bin! Slide 2 of 5, top 10 Resume "Don'ts". Let's start with the resume don'ts. Avoid these top 10 resume don'ts to help create a more professional, standout resume and avoid the common mistakes others will make.

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dos and donts of a resume

What Are some do s and Don ts of Resume Writing?

Email attachment resumés: If you email your résumé as an attachment, us your name in the document title. Some employers will not accept attachments because of the danger of viruses. Online resumés: Follow the directions on the website where you are submitting the resumé. Directions for online submissions vary widely. Scanned resumés: Use key word phrases relevant to the position, employer, and career field.

Use capitals, bullets and bold for emphasis. Avoid underlining, graphics and italics. Top 10 Resumé pitfalls, learn about the top 10 Pitfalls in Resumé Writing (Career Services flier, pdf format; download Adobe Acrobat reader, if needed). Written by: Robert faustusedited by: Michele McDonough updated: 7/10/2010 slide 1 of 5, how Important is a good Resume? Human resource departments for large companies usually go through a few hundred applicants a day, and in today's economy, with unemployment rising, there is constantly more and more competition flying past their eyes. This means essay your resume is being viewed for about 30 seconds tops.

Experience, skills, activities, community service, professionalism: Eliminate all typos and misspellings by asking others to proofread your resumé. Function conveys an impression of you that meets the reader's needs. Image: Decide what image you want your resumé to communicate. Does it show that you are a leader, a team player, an artist, an innovator, a salesperson, or something else? Content: Select 3 core qualities that define you and are of importance to the position for which you are applying. Make sure that your resumé focuses on skills and accomplishments that reflect these core qualities.

Style: Start off sentences with action verbs to convey enthusiasm and achievement. Avoid: do not list your own website if it includes personal information. Never reveal confidential personal data such as social security number, driver's license, or credit card numbers on a resumé. Feedback allows others to offer ideas for strengthening your resumé. Sources: Consult Career Services, professors, family, friends, and professionals in your field. Review: When you receive feedback, decide if the changes suggested are useful. Electronic resumés and technology, email text resumés: If you copy the text of your resumé into the body of an email, use left-hand justified, plain text format. Avoid using tabs, bullets, underlining, bold, and graphics.

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Font: Choose a basic, easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica in a 10- to 14-point size. Paper: Use 8-1/2" by 11"resumé-quality paper in a light color such as white or off-white. Buy envelopes and cover letter paper to match your resumé. Spacing: Margins.7 to 1 inch and double spacing between headings din improves readability. Layout: Use bullets, bold, capitalization, and underlining sparingly to call attention to the most important information. Leave some white space to create an uncluttered look. Format: Present information in reverse chronological order (newest experiece first). Common headings include: Education.

dos and donts of a resume

Follow up with an e-mail or phone call a week or so after you submit it). Resumé dos and Don'ts, employers evaluate resumés quickly. Tailor your resumé to meet their needs. Here primeri are some suggestions to help you focus your edits. They address the issues of form, function, feedback, and electronic resumés. Form deals with appearance, templates: avoid resumé wizards and resumé software templates. They are difficult to edit and do not allow you to present information in the most effective format. Length: For college studentsand recent college graduates, use a one-page format.

as importantly, safe to print. Using the "save" command (or, if you're converting a document from another format, the "save." command save your document as an ascii or ms-dos text document. Remember to append the. Txt extension on to the file name,. When sending an electronic resume, remember to: Include a cover letter and be sure to note where you found the. Send the resume and cover letter in one file. You can do this by writing or pasting your cover letter in the space before your resume. You can also send your cover letter as an e-mail message with your electronic resume as a file attachment. Use the job title and/or job reference number as the subject of your message. Cite any relevant job numbers noted in the.

If your resume is on a computer or floppy diskette, you already have it in electronic report format; that's not to say, however, that it's in the most useful format. While it's true that most e-mail systems can accommodate document attachments-be they in Word, wordPerfect, quark or otherwise-it won't be true that every person or organization to whom you'd like to send such a document is willing or able to receive it in that format. Plain text (also called ascii text or ms-dos text and recognized by its three letter file extension:.txt however, is universally accessible and, in many cases, required. To make your electronic resume universally accessible, follow these steps: Using a standard word processing application, compose a resume as you normally would. Note that plain text format is very basic-it does not recognize formatting such as bullets, bold facing or italicized text. Consider using asterisks plus symbols and capital letters to achieve similar effects. In any case, make sure your resume is legible in the absence of these formatting features.

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Browser letter Download, download Link: to get started: Click the, download Link link above. Your browser will begin downloading the standalone installer for your software. Once the standalone installer has been downloaded, launch the executable and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation of your software. Filesize:.75 mb, checksum (MD5 updates and Notifications: Critical Updates and Security notifications are posted. Before downloading, click here to review this information. Download Language: English, product Line: pxi/Compactpci, version:.0.0, release date:, software type: Firmware, operating system). Electronic Resumes, an electronic resume is simply your resume in a format that can be sent over e-mail or the Internet. The advantage to having an electronic resume is simple-you can respond via e-mail or the web to job openings posted all over the world. No faxing or mailing necessary.

Dos and donts of a resume
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  1. One applicant revealed he was arrested for assaulting his previous boss on his resume. It is definitely a faux pas to list all your references (with contact information) on your resume. Once the controller boots into dos, follow the onscreen instructions in order to flash your bios.

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  4. Resume, workshop The Accounting Society will be assisting Baruch students to prepare for recruiting and interviews by teaching them how to properly create or fix their resumes. An electronic resume is simply your resume in a format that can be sent over e-mail or the Internet.pasting your cover letter in the space before your resume. What are the resume dos and don ts to get you in for the interview? How to list Patents on a, resume.

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